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A family-owned and based in Columbus, Ohio, Yogi Imports & Distributors (YID) is a wholesale printing paper import and distributing company and a Trade name of Dott Creative Ltd., established in 2006. We have served our nationwide customers with their printing and paper needs for several years. We promise the best quality at a competitive price, with excellent customer service.

We offer excellent C2S offset printing paper in various weights and sizes. We also offer custom branding and packaging as per your need, which makes you more efficient while printing jobs for your clients. Under Dott Creative, we offer businesses printing solutions such as brochures, flyers, magazines, catalogs, and much more products. 

At YID, our experienced production team ensures the best quality and perfection; the logistics team commits to finding the best rate for your ground, air, or ocean freight. In addition, our custom clearance team makes everything hassle-free. So overall, you will get your product at the best rate possible. This mantra of our company helps and makes our several customers nationwide.

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